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Attorney Christina Hollwarth is specially trained and thoroughly experienced in the process of mediation for civil cases, family law cases, and cases involving Child Protective Services.

In Texas, most contested family law situations—such as a divorce or a custody case where parents cannot agree on child-related issues—will be required by the court to attend mediation in order to attempt to resolve the disputed issues between the opposing parties before going to court.

The Process

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) whereby a trained, neutral third party such as Ms. Hollwarth will facilitate discussion and guide couples towards a fair and reasonable settlement upon which both parties can agree. Rather than each party simply stating their case in court and working solely to achieve only their own goals—generally a contentious and costly process—mediation provides an opportunity for parties to hear one another out, recognize each other’s positions, and attempt to compromise.

The mediator will meet with each party to help them work towards achieving an equitable resolution to the disputed aspects of their case. Any solution that the parties’ can agree on is superior to a resolution the Court can provide because the parties’ have a complete understanding of all of the issues and a vested interest in their post-lawsuit relationship. The mediator does not provide legal advice, but remains neutral and helps each party understand the decisions that must be made, understand the implications of those decisions, and assists in promoting healthy and effective communication regarding the disputed issues.

The Benefits

Mediation oftentimes results in a less expensive, more amicable, and less damaging split for the spouses involved in the divorce as well as their children. By involving the disagreeing parties in the decision making process rather than leaving the decisions to a judge, all parties will have much more control over the results of their dissolution.

Although a divorce with children is certainly an ideal situation for mediation, the benefits extend naturally to any case involving property or children.

Mediation is almost always a much more efficient process than litigation, speeding up the conclusion of the lawsuit and helping the parties minimize the costs of their case.

If you are in need of a trained mediator to assist you with the process of civil law, family law, or CPS mediation, contact The Hollwarth Law Firm today and let attorney Christina Hollwarth help you achieve a better resolution in your dispute.

Click here to download Christina Hollwarth’s letter to parties participating in mediation where Christina serves as mediator.

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